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Tesla Infinity 15 kW On-Grid Inverter with Energy Storage

Tesla 15kW Infinity Inverter Overview

The Tesla Infinity 15 kW on-grid inverter with energy storage offers high efficiency and versatility to manufacture to meet with the modern requirements for the energy management. All features are tailor made to accommodate a broad set of the requirements, including the off grid and grid tied operations. All this has been undertaken to make sure that the different power sources blend into one complete energy solution for the user. In short, the 15kW Infinity inverter is high performance and reliable, dense in state of the art features, and ensures support to host a variety of energy requirements.

Basic Features – Tesla Infinity 15 kW On-Grid Inverter

Model Description

The Tesla Infinity 15 kW inverter is a non phase dependent grid tie and hybrid inverter, with its main feature being designed for the maximum flexibility. This means that the user can switch from one operational model to another depending on the requirements. In addition this is further enhanced by an optional LiPO ESS that increases the ability to store and manage energy efficiently.

PV Capacity and Compatibility

The Tesla Infinity inverter is basically a 15 kW photovoltaic system, thereby designed to allow the handling substantial solar input. The system is in full compatibility with the lithium batteries for effective and durable energy storage.

The Tesla Solar inverter has devices for WiFi and 4G built within the design to facilitate remote device monitoring through mobile applications. This wifi device is capable of data logging and storing data to allow users to manage energy more effectively and do more analyses. Of course, the result is a pure sine wave, thereby giving stabilized clean power for all devices connected.

Tesla Infinity 15 kW On-Grid Inverter

This programmability would, in turn, allow the maximum use of energy when users need it most.

This technology brings in net metering compliance, hence giving the user the chance to get a return for feeding extra energy back into the grid.

Adjustments by the

The charge current and voltage are both adjustable, so it can be set to battery specifications and energy requirements. This would allow an energy storage system to operate with optimal operation and prolonged life.

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Energy Storage Specs

5 kWh Battery Option

A 5 kWh battery is also available to those who need medium energy storage.

Rated Voltage: 48 V

Nominal Capacity: 4

Usable Capacity: 4

Weight: 40kg

Nominal Voltage: 52.5 -.

The discharge voltage: 44

Charge/Discharge Current: 50 A / 75 A / 90 A

Cycle Life: >4,500 cycles at 25°C

Lifetime: 10+ years at an enclosure temperature of ,

Operating Temperature: 0 – 50°C (charging), -10 – 50°C (dis

Serial Ports: RS485, CAN

10 kWh Battery Option

Tesla Infinity 15 kW On-Grid Inverter

For those in need of more energy storage: Either 10 kWh battery

Rated Voltage: 48 V

Nominal Capacity: 9

The available volume is 9,120

Weight: 80

Float Voltage: 52.1 – 52

Discharge Voltage: 44

Charge/Discharge Current (Recommended/Max/Peak): 100 A / 150 A / 180 A

Life Cycle: > 4,500 cycles at 25 °C

Design Life: 10+ Years @ 25°C

Working temperature: 0 – 50°C (charge), -10 – 50°C (dis


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Output voltage

The Tesla Infinity Solar inverter provides nominal output voltage compatible with standard electrical systems of 220-230-240 VAC.

Caption of Figure

The basic output waveform is a pure sine wave, which is quite critical for sensitive electronic devices. A 95% DC to AC inverter is very efficient in converting solar power to usable electricity.

Maximum PV Power Input

The inverter can operate with an 18 kW maximum rating of PV input power, so that more PV can be configured.

Rated output power

The rated output is 15 kW of electricity produced, which is suitable for large-scale energy demands.

Nominal and Maximum DC Voltage

The nominal DC voltage is 360 VDC, and the maximum DC voltage is 450 VDC. The startup and initial feeding voltage are 120 VDC and 150 VDC.

Voltage Range and Trackers—MPP

It operates at a maximum power point voltage range of 120 VDC to 380 VDC. This inverter comes with three MPP trackers, ensuring full optimization of capturing solar energy in any condition.

Humidity Range and IP Rating

The inverter is IP20-rated, which gives excellent protection against dust and water ingress. It works under a humidity range from 5% to 95% RH; therefore, it can be mounted in several environmental conditions.

Operating Temperature and Altitude

This, therefore, makes the temperature working range from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, making it possible for the inverter to work perfectly under all temperatures. It is set to operate at a maximum height of under 2000 meters above sea level.

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Prioritized Loading and Monitoring Software

User programmable supply priority: Easily set battery, PV or Grid support with embedded monitoring software for real-time status and control, enhancing user interaction and system oversight.

Touch Screen LCD Human Machine Interface

Tesla Infinity 15 kW On-Grid Inverter

Touch screen LCD HMI to help in making user-friendly system interfaces for control and monitoring.

ESS Capacity Options

The inverter comes with various capacity options for ESS batteries: 0 kWh, 5 kWh, or 10 kWh, depending on the needs of the user regarding energy storage.

Communication Interface

Inverter equipped with various USB, RS-232, Dry Contact, and WiFi communication interfaces to ensure wider monitoring and control connectivity.

A feature rich and flexible advanced energy solution that fits the modern EMS’s needs. The comprehensive set of features makes it the benchmark for such services; from augmented PV capacity to compatibility with lithium batteries, which add extended monitoring and controlling capabilities. Whether for home or business use, an Infinity inverter is a showstopper and surely lives up to all the assurances of leading dependable, high-quality, and versatile management that has been greatly looked forward to by persons to harness best energy use and storage.

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