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Copper Rate In Pakistan 2024 – Today’s Copper Price in Pakistan

Copper Rate Today In Pakistan

Price is a good indicator of the value of copper, The Copper is that kind of a metal that is important for our daily life and can be found in everything from coins to wires. Like in many other nations, the copper rate in Pakistan can be a key sign of the state of the economy, impacting both consumers and businesses. It is now more important than ever for customers and companies to monitor the copper rate, as its applications in both new and classic technologies rise. It is an important asset that affects many different industries, so knowing its rate is important for anyone who wanting to buy, invest, or simply stay up with the latest market developments.

Keep youself updated of Pakistan’s current copper rate in pakistan. Copper is an important and useful metal. It is a precious metal, ranking behind the gold and silver. Today Copper prices are dependent on the changes that are based on supply and demand. The dollar exchange rate, the cost of transportation, and the labor costs can cause fluctuations from time to time. It’s important for traders and investors to be up to date on Pakistan’s copper rate today.

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The Coins, electrical wires, electroplating, and other electrical appliances are the main uses for copper. Additionally, it is often used to prepare the jewelry or coins that are made of gold and silver. It is used in the construction of buildings, homes, and plazas. Another name for copper is Tamba. Because copper is a heat-resistant, tamba cables are more dependable and secure than other electrical wires.

This quick article is to provide a comprehensive overview of the copper rate today in Pakistan, including an examination of the various factors of the influence of these rates. that are From the popular copper brands in Pakistan to the different types of copper and their specific rates, the readers will get a complete information of the copper market trends.

infect we will uncover the copper impact on our daily life and will explore also the major factors that are driving the fluctuations in the copper rates, whether you are an investor or a businessman or someone that is interested in the financial markets in pakistan, this article will give you a quick and a easy guide to get the latest copper rate in pakistan for the June 2024.

Current Copper Price In Pakistan June 2024

The Latest rates of copper are mentioned you can see here down below in the table, the latest Prices of new copper and scrap copper and also get the copper price per kg and copper per metric ton price, and go little down to can get the current copper price in a text format, is as follows:

Type Of CopperRate Per KGRate Per Ton
Brand New CopperRs.3100 to between Rs.3200Rs.31,00,000 to 32,00,000
Old Scrap CopperRs.2100 to between
Rs.21,00,000 to 22,00,000

This table displays the copper rate per kilogram (1kg). The majority of tamba rates is estimated usually per kilogram and 1 kilogram has 1000 grams. The price of copper remains stable over the day, although there could be some variation in costs in different cities. Please visit the copper market in your city before making any purchases. On our website, you may check the rates for Copper and Tamba.

New Copper Rates

Today’s copper price per kg in Pakistan, as of June 2024, ranges from Rs. 3100 to Rs. 3200, translating to Rs. 31,00,000 to Rs. 32,00,000 per ton for new copper metal.

Scrap Copper Rates

Scrap copper metal is currently priced between Rs. 2100 and Rs. 2200 per kg, which amounts to Rs. 21,00,000 to Rs. 22,00,000 per ton.

Comparison of New and Scrap Copper Rates

The new copper rates are significantly higher than scrap copper prices, reflecting the premium for unprocessed, new copper metal compared to recycled or scrap copper.

Copper Rate Differences Across Cities of Pakistan

Cities of PakistanMaintaining Price of Copper rate Per Kg
KarachiPKR.3100 to between 3200 Rupees
RawalpindiPKR.3100 to between 3200 Rupees
IslamabadPKR.3100 to between 3200 Rupees
SialkotPKR.3100 to between 3200 Rupees
HyderabadPKR.3100 to between 3200 Rupees
FaisalabadPKR.3100 to between 3200 Rupees
QuettaPKR.3100 to between 3200 Rupees
LahorePKR.3100 to between 3200 Rupees
MultanPKR.3100 to between 3200 Rupees

Copper rates per kg are consistent across major cities like Sialkot, Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Quetta, all maintaining a range of Rs. 3100 to Rs. 3200.

Investors, traders, builders, and pital markets need to stay up to date on the latest prices of copper in pakistan. Unrest in society, economic fluctuations, and insufficient supply may all the affect the pital rate. You can visit our website regularly to be informed about the most recent prices for silver, copper, and gold.

List Of Top Popular Tamba Copper Brands In Pakistan

here is a list of famous 20 Tamba brands in pakistan here down below:

  1. Pioneer Cables Limited
  2. Veracom International
  3. Musleh Trading
  4. Ganar International
  5. Pearl Cables and Conductors
  6. Orient Trading Company
  7. Ali and Company
  8. I&H Trading and Manufacturing
  9. Bushra Enterprises
  10. Mian Mohammad Feroze and Sons Enterprises
  11. Future Traders
  12. PM Engineering
  13. Petro Sourcing
  14. Mirza Traders
  15. Maaz 360 Private Limited
  16. System Electrical and General Equipments
  17. Copper World
  18. Atta Steel and Copper Industries
  19. MM Enterprises
  20. Trading Strings

The different Tamba brands that are displayed in the above table. You can visit the markets of the brands that are mentioned above if you want to make any purchases. In these markets, copper wires are trustworthy, secure, and resistant to heat.

Uses of Copper in Daily Life

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Electronics
  • Construction Materials
  • Automotive Industry
  • Other Applications

Beyond these uses, copper is also used in coins, jewelry, art, and the production of alloys like brass and bronze, showcasing its versatility across various domains.

Factors Influencing Copper Rates in Pakistan

these are the factors that are affecting the copper prices in pakistan.

  • Supply and Demand
  • Dollar Rate
  • Transportation Costs
  • Global Influences
  • Economic Conditions
  • Labor Charges

Peoples Also Ask

Are copper prices expected to rise in the future?

While a specific long-term predictions are uncertain, copper prices are generally expected to remain high. This is largely due to growing demand associated with the energy transition, especially in sectors like electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy sources.

What is today’s copper price in Pakistan?

Today’s Pure Copper Rate In Pakistan is Rs.3150 For 1Kg Brand New Tamba. and for a scrap rate copper is Rs.2100 to Between 2200 in Pakistan.

What is the expected average price of copper in 2024 according to BMI?

BMI, is a Fitch Solutions company, has estimated that the average price of copper will be around $8,800 per ton in 2024. This represents a 3.2% increase from the estimated average of $8,523 per ton in 2023.

How much does copper cost per pound today? 

As of today, the price of copper is $4.63 per pound.

Which Are The Best Copper Brands available in pakistan?

Copper World, Musleh Trading, Pioneer Cables and Some Other are the Best Brands in pakistan.

What is the Price Of 1Kilogram Copper in Pakistan

The Price of 1Kg Copper In Pakistan Is PKR.3100 to 3200 for new copper.

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