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About Us – SSE (Soherwardia Solar Energy) is a brand of Soherwardia Engineering Corporation; we are providing the cost-effective renewable energy/Solar Energy solutions and solar products to corporate, residential commercial and agriculture sectors across the country since 2018.

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(SSE- Soherwardia Solar Energy) is a brand of Soherwardia Engineering Corporation; we are providing the cost-effective renewable energy products to Corporate, Residential, Commercial and Agriculture Sectors across the country since 2018. Our point is the responsibility for a solid planet with less carbon concentrated economy.

We are specialized to design provide and installation,  the state of art products of different range in Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Profound Cycle Batteries, Sun oriented Charge Regulators, related frill, gear and Complete Sun powered Arrangements on turnkey premise, which are furnished with most recent innovation.

Consumer loyalty is Our Pride

Our clients are from various area like Private, Business, Modern, Instructive Foundations and Farming Grounds. From houses to local area residing arrangements, we have given them un-hindered substitute energy.

How We Work


We have faith in a very much planned procedure and execute our undertakings in an imaginative and creative way and became pioneer with difficult work, true devotion and one of a kind ness style to do energy productive, practical and space reserve funds projects. Our particular colleagues and accomplices have finished the enormous quantities of undertakings all through the Pakistan. We lead studies and carry out analysis before hand to make each venture give it most extreme yield with thinking about the expense and space imperatives as well as its adequacy.

Our Far reaching Organization

Cross country Channel Deals and Conveyance Organization, works productively to give environmentally friendly power/Sunlight based Energy items and arrangements particularly sun oriented items in least conceivable time while keeping up with the best of the quality. Our accomplices in the worldwide local area, for example, Europe, USA, Taiwan and China work with the most recent innovation and gear to concoct the fruitful fulfillment of our own Research and development items through OEM and ODM.

Soherwardia Solar Energy

We at SSE stay aware of the necessities of times and furnish our clients with the best sunlight based answers for the best of their fulfillment and happiness while considering “Practice environmental safety Before Green Gone”.