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EHS-6000 Residential Solar System Price Pakistan


6KW Solar Home System Price Pakistan

If you want to know the 6KW Solar home system price in Pakistan, then it is important to know about our EHS-6000 Residential Solar System and it’s prices along with the details of “Solar Components”. Here we are enclosing the all details of 6KW Solar Home system and its prices.

We ensure you this 6Kw solar home system is the best solar home system for a small family needs, our 6kw solar home system prevent you from heavy electricity bills, and this solar system also save you from the power outage (Load Shedding).

It’s energy storage system saves energy in day time and use the saved energy which is generated by the Solar panels in day time at the time of power outage (Load Shedding) at in the evening time or dark.


Prices of 6KW solar systems is increasing rapidly in Pakistan.

EHS-6000 Residential Solar System, The Solar Panels, solar inverter (Hybrid or Off Grid), Solar Batteries, (Deep Cycles, Gel or VRLA – Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries), these above mentioned components are the essential part of every solar home system, included our 6KW Solar Home System (Model: EHS-6000), and because of rise in material rates the solar panels, solar inverters, solar deep cycle batteries and other solar system’s components are getting more and more expensive day by day. This is the main cause of increasing solar system’s prices in Pakistan.

How Much Power can be Utilize with 6KW Solar Home System

Our 5Kw Solar Home system is best enough to utilize electricity generated by Solar panels in day time or in Peak sunshine hours. Our 6KW Solar home system can run the following home appliances with energizing load management systems;

  • Inverter Fans
  • Energy Savers
  • LED Television
  • Washing Machine
  • Water Pump (With Low Torque Load)
  • Cell Phone Charger
  • 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Total Load Can be utilize (5KW)

Solar Components which will use in 6KW Solar Home System Price In Pakistan

  • Solar Panels:  Longi Solar, Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar (All Tier 1 A grade Solar Panels we use in all of our solar energy systems, we provide following documents with our provided “Solar Panels”. (Flash Test Reports, COC Reports, Type test Reports and others).
  • Solar Inverter:  in 6KW Solar home system we use 6KW Solar Inverter, which is capable to store energy, generate and convert DC power into useable AC Power.
  • Mounting Structure: we provide ground mounted solar panels structure (14 Gauge), Rust proof, galvanized sheet based. (We also offer customized Solar Panels mounting structure).
  • Energy Storage System: we provide (VRLA Or Gel Batteries), for long life and trouble free operation. Mostly we provide Brands (NARADA, Catter Pillar, Leoch, Sacred SUN, Shoto, Ritar), These all brands are ranking on 1st Top Ten in the world. They provide a long life span for batteries and high quality products.
  • DC Cable & Switches: DC Cable single core or 2 core mostly we provide imported cables, and DC dis-connectors brands are: Schneider, Tomzan, Hi-Tech and some others.
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning: we also complete installation, testing and commissioning services with all our provided solar energy systems, however, if customer wants to buy the “Solar Energy System Only”, then we welcome to them.

Advantages of 6KW Solar Home System

  • Reduce Utility bills
  • Save Money for Future
  • Reduce Carbon Foot Print
  • No Load shedding

Disadvantages of 6KW Solar Home System:

  • Little high initial invest then Traditional power systems
  • No Other disadvantages

6 KW Solar Home System Price Pakistan

Last few words, our 6 KW Solar home system price in Pakistan, (Model: EHS-6000) is fully in the favor of small families, this solar energy system is equipped with high quality solar panels, solar inverter, energy storage system and other components. This 6Kw Solar Energy system offer independence from (Load Shedding), heavy electricity bills, and the wastage of your money.

“Soherwardia Solar is always close to you, whenever you need, even you do not”

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