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The Tesla HLE Infinity 6kW Hybrid Inverter

Teslqa Inverter Is Best Suitable for Home Solar Systems

The Tesla HLE Infinity 6kW Hybrid Inverter is suitable for the both types of Solar Energy systems on grid solar energy system and off grid solar energy system. Tesla HLE Infinity 6KW Hybrid inverter offers the vigor entreat and smart direction features. This Tesla intercrossed solar inverter is especially designed for the first class yield executing and reliability,  this Tesla Hybrid inverters meets with the growing need for the efficacious vigor solutions…

General Specifications

Model and Build

Model  Tesla Infinity 6kW 1 Phase HLE

Phases  1-Phase in / 1-Phase out

Dimensions  120 x 295 x 468 mm

Weight  12 kg

The Tesla Infinity 6kW is compact and sturdy, fitting easily into various spaces. It has the manageable weight and size which make it the ideal choice for the homes and specially for the businesses too.

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Environmental Tolerance

Operating Temperature  -10ºC to 50ºC

Humidity  0~90% RH (No Condensing)

This Tesla inverter works well in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, making it reliable in different climates.

Communication and Control

Ports  USB, RS-422/Dry Contact, WiFi

Multiple ports allow for easy integration and remote monitoring, giving users complete control over their energy system.

Electrical Specifications

PV Input (DC)

Maximum PV Input Power  6,500 W

Nom DC Voltage / Max DC Voltage  360 VDC / 500 VDC

Start-up Voltage / Initial Feeding Voltage  130 VDC / 150 VDC

Max Power Point Tracking Voltage Range  120 VDC ~ 430 VDC

MPP Trackers / Maximum Input Current  2 No.s

The Tesla Infinity 6kW supports a large PV input power, making it efficient at capturing solar energy. Tesla Inverter the Dual MPP trackers system help to maximize the power generation.

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Tesla HLE Infinity 6kW Hybrid Inverter

Grid Output (AC)

Nominal Output Voltage  220-230-240 VAC

Output Waveform  Pure Sine Wave

Efficiency (DC to AC)  95%

Nominal Output Current  26 A

Power Factor  >0.99

With a pure sine wave output and high efficiency, this inverter provides stable and reliable power for all types of electronics and appliances.

Battery & Charger Specifications

Battery Configuration

Nominal DC Voltage  48 V

Maximum Solar Charging Current  120 A

Maximum AC Charging Current  45 A

Maximum Charging Current  120 A

The Tesla Infinity 6kW supports a nominal battery voltage of 48 V and high charging currents, ensuring quick and efficient energy storage.

Grid-Tie Operation

AC Start-up Voltage / Auto Restart Voltage  120-140 VAC / 180 VAC

Input V Range  90 to280 VAC or 170 to 280 VAC

Frequency Range  50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto Sensing)

Maximum AC Input Current  45 A

The inverter handles a wide range of input voltages and frequencies, ensuring smooth transitions between grid and battery power.

Hybrid Operation

Battery Less Operation  Yes

Load Priority  AC Output Ports

In hybrid mode, the Infinity 6kW can operate without a battery, prioritizing power to AC output ports.

User Interface and Monitoring

Touch Screen LCD HMI  Yes

Parallel Function  Yes, up to 9 units

The touch screen LCD provides real-time data and control, while the parallel function allows up to nine units to work together, meeting larger power needs.

Efficiency and Performance

Maximum Conversion Efficiency

DC/AC Conversion Efficiency  95%

Off-Grid Operation Efficiency (DC to AC)  93%

With high conversion efficiency, the Infinity 6kW minimizes energy loss, ensuring maximum power utilization.

Tesla HLE Infinity 6kW Hybrid Inverter

Additional Features

Priority Output Ports

High & Low Priority Output Ports  Yes

Low Port Derated Output (Batteryless Mode)  Yes

High and low priority output ports help manage power distribution effectively, especially in batteryless mode.

Tesla Solar offers the excellent and available support and a great warranty for the tesla solar inverter, these things are making sure the reliable service for the Tesla Infinity 6kW Hybrid Solar Inverter.

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Tesla HLE Infinity 6kW Hybrid Inverter

The Tesla HLE Infinity 6kW Hybrid Inverter is a the best suitable solution for modern energy-Power needs, This tesla solar inverter is combining the on-grid and off-grid features with the most advanced energy storage system and the smart management option. Its compact design, the high output efficiency, and the extensive features make tesla inverter as a great choice for the both the residential and commercial solar energy systems. It is not the matter that you need reliable power at home or in a business place, the Tesla Infinity 6kW Solar Inverter delivers outstanding excellent performance for the both type of solar applications.

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