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Everything You Should Have the Knowledge About Net Metering In Pakistan

A Complete and Detailed Guide About Net Metering In Pakistan

Net Metering In Pakistan, as all we know that Pakistan is facing the energy crisis along with the environmental crisis, there is no doubt in this critical condition, the solar energy is one f the best option of renewable energy which can help us to get rid of pollution as well as fulfill the energy power needs of the country.

Solar panel systems in Pakistan is becoming the more common day by day as homeowners and business owners are shifting to the solar. This not just saves money on bills but also helps produce free clean electricity so; Solar can be beneficial for the owner and other people as well because of Net Metering. Soherwardia Solar Energy is providing Net Metering in many prime regions of Pakistan, and the energy department is coming up with Net Metering systems all over the country at full speed.

What is Net Metering In Pakistan, Should you think to have or not

How Soherwardia Solar Energy can help you in net metering? In this blog, we are going to discuss Net Metering in detail.

What Is Net Metering

Many times, when you are away or the day is much productive, your home may generate extra electricity using solar energy. You can buy expensive batteries to save that extra electricity to use at night too but there is one other option where you can send extra power produced back to the grid and that’s what we call net metering. Net metering is a billing mechanism that tracks the incoming and outgoing electricity from the user to the National grid. As stated before that, it is a reverse billing system, in very simple words, so it is the most suitable and very functional with the current usage of solar panel systems in Pakistan.

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How does it work

Specially In winter, when usage is always low, but in the summer, when generation is high, or generally through out the year, it is most of the depending on your production and it uses, your solar system has the ability to generate excess electricity power. The Net Metering in Pakistan system allows you to return back the excessive power generated by the solar panels back to the grid station and to track the flow of power to and from the grid.

At the end of the month, if the electricity provided by your system is more than the units which you consume from the grid, you are paid for the difference. The payment could be cash or credit to be adjusted as discount in the next bill.

Net Metering In Pakistan

Advantages of the Net Metering In Pakistan

1st of all it Reduce the Electricity Bill

One of the main advantages of the Net Metering in Pakistan is that it reduce your electricity bill a lot, even it can reduce till zero but depends on many factors, much more than what it could be with a solar system that does not have Net Metering. This is because Net Metering means the excess electricity you are producing is now being sold to the national utility grid, and government is paying you for the electricity you have shared with others.

No High Cost on Battery Storage Installation

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The excess electricity produced from your solar system can be wasted if not stored in the batteries, and solar batteries do cost you high. Moreover, they also have a shorter life span as compared to the rest of your solar system equipment.

Net Metering incentivizes more people to switch to solar due to the fantastic benefits. It can help to the conserve a non renewable source of the energy and ultimately can stops the further degradation, of the environment. By fetching the renewable energy, we can build a better world for the present time and for the generations to come.

Load on the Grid

By sending over surplus power to the grid, you can help play your role in eradicating the electricity shortage from the country. The electricity you provide can be distributed to other homes through the grid, and the users are also facilitated.

How Long Does Net Metering Installation Take

The installation of the Net Meter and its functioning can take anywhere between 30-60 days, once the solar system is installed. Soherwardia Solar Energy, however, has a record of deploying the majority of the Net Meters within 30 days to provide ease to our clients. We work on a proactive approach, and our Net Meter installations stay on top of everything to ensure that there are no delays from our end. They also keep on calling the authorities to get the work done as seamlessly as possible.

Net Metering In Pakistan

What are the Requirements for Net Metering

To install the Net Meter at your house, you are required to have the following.

  • Bill 3 phase meter • Essential load as per NEPRA • CNIC

Payment Requirements for Net Metering

Net Metering usually requires Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 120,000 in addition to the system amount. Soherwardia Solar Energy is on a mission to make it easy for people to switch to solar energy with cost-effective and quality solutions. Speak to our Solar experts and we can find a good solution for you.

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