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Which Net Metering Solar System is Right for My Residence

Picking the right net metering solar system for your home could, in actuality, turn out to be a tricky job. Here you will find the different options, and the need is to make sure the clarity regarding what net metering is and which system will meet your requirements. Here we will try to explain the basics of net metering solar system and also will explain that how you can find your perfectly suitable solar system for your home.

What is The Net Metering Solar System

At the very first, we understand that what is the net metering solar system in actual, so let us start, the Net metering is a deal through which one rolls over electricity when produced and gets credit for the same when it produces more than is actually used.

Another name for this kind of billing arrangement is the reverse metering solar system. If you produce more power than what you actually consume, that power goes back into the grid via the bi directional meter. You just accumulate the excess power in a form of credits to your bill, and that is available to you at night. Those credits are used when the system is generating less than what you use, offsetting electricity you draw from the grid. As such, it reduces the electricity bill and makes it cheaper than the it might have been.

Why Choose Soherwardia Solar Energy For Solar System Installation?

Types of Solar Systems for Net Metering

Three main types of solar systems will be net metered

PV systems which are connected to the grid

Solar System grid tied with energy storage

Hybrid Solar Energy Systems

Wind systems that are inter connected

Net metering solar energy systems are the grid connected and very simple in use solar power generation systems. These solar power generation systems functions through the direct connection to the power lines, and without any energy storage systems, and one is able to use sun power during the day time, when the sun is shining brightly and, at night or in cloudy times, take the power from the grid.

Net Metering Solar System


It is much cheaper than the front end as compared to any of the battery systems.

These Solar power generation systems are very easy to install and maintain.

It is best to fetch the solar power when fed directly to the grid.


No power backup measures for the outages.

Best Suitable for

Houses have access to reliable and available grid electricity.

Homeowners looking to save on electricity costs without spending a fortune up front.

Grid Connected Solar System with Battery Configuration Backup

The other grid tie solar power systems with battery backup are pretty much the same as the standard grid-tied ones, only they come bundled with a battery energy storage system. These batteries store solar energy produced in excess during the daytime for working at night or when there’s no power.

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Assist in back up power during the outages mean in simple during the load shedding hours.

This makes it possible to fetch the solar energy even when it is not sunny outside.


Makes the battery system relatively expensive at first.

Batteries have to be serviced and replaced periodically.

The Most Suitable

Homes situated in regions with high power outages.

Home owners searching for independence and safety in power.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid solar power systems can merge good grid-tied and some battery backup as well as off-grid characteristics. The systems are versatile because they have dual functionalities—they work in conjunction with the grid and independently—hence very reliable.

The Benefits of Solar Power Generation systems

This is able to run constantly in case of blackouts.

Can be operated either by solar power, battery power, or grid power in a flexible manner.

Selling the remaining units back to the grid.


Incurs the highest cost at the beginning among the three types.

It is For The Best

Homes located in remote areas with unreliable grid power.

Homeowners that seek the highest level of energy independence and flexibility possible.

Basic and Simple Guidelines To Be Observed In Net Metering Solar System Selection

Electricity Usage – You will be able to project the average amount of electricity used and, therefore, establish the kind of system that will effectively meet your energy requirements.

Budget—upfront costs, lifecycle costs, and potential save on electric bills.

Local Climate – Record the number of hours and level of brightness of the sun you receive in a year.

Grid Reliability: Analyze the reliability of your grid and how often you have occurrences that result in outages.

Provisions for the Future – Think ahead to using energy, say, to fulfill a need with an electric vehicle or expanding your household.

The best solar net metering system in Pakistan for you will be the one that meets exactly with your individual needs and is according to the situation. For the most homes with the relatively constant grid, a grid tied solar system is the most cost effective approach and the best suitable for them. If one has a problem with power outages – Load shedding, then a grid tied solar energy system with the battery backup or with the energy storage system is the best for them. Hybrid solar energy systems are best for those who wants the high level energy independence.

By this way, this will be the easier thing for you to have the enough knowledge of the types of the main net metering solar systems for your home and will take you into the account factors, for example the use of power, the budget considerations, this is the very first thing before to decide, the local climate and the changes, the grid reliability, and the future plans. The right type of solar investment can re pay in the savings on money and savings for the earth too.

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