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Easy Guide to 5kW Solar Energy System Prices in Pakistan

What's a 5kW system?

5KW solar energy system prices in Pakistan. It is a beautiful way to save dollars, plus a environmental means of producing energy. People these days all over the world are going toward adopting solar power. Similarly, adaptation in Pakistan also has to be done because of the extreme conditions of load shedding and loads of power bills. A 5 kW solar system is suitable for houses and small businesses.

Components of a 5 KW Solar System

A 5kW Solar System may have a few key features within

Tier 1 A Grade Solar Panels: These units capture sunlight and transform this into electricity. Of the 5 kW, one usually needs 15 to 20 such units, depending on the efficiency.

Hybrid Solar Inverter: Converts the electrons from direct to alternating current, which most of our appliances are tuned to.

Mounting structure: The mounting structure is designed to fix solar panels at an optimum angle to trap sunlight.

Batteries (optional) store excess power to be used at night or during the day if it is cloudy.

Monitoring System: One of the typical ways to know whether the solar panels are effective in working is with something like intelligent technology, maybe even installed in your house.

5kW Solar Energy System Prices in Pakistan

What is the cost of 5kW solar in Pakistan?

Below is a simple example of what you would be looking at in terms of approximate cost of a 5kW solar system.

Solar Cells

Tier 1 A grade well reputed and popular Solar panels are approx estimated to cost in between Rs 200,000 – Rs 300,000. Even when more efficient solar panels are bought, the long-term savings are humongous.

Hybrid Solar Inverter

Depending on the features, an inverter from one of the reputed companies can vary in price, going up to as much as PKR 70,000 to 120,000, with added features like intelligent monitoring.

Mounting Structure

The Tier1 A grade Solar Panels Mounting system charges would normally be from PKR 30,000 to 50,000.


While labor cost, wiring, and other materials also play into it, all together with the material, it ranges between PKR 30,000 to PKR 50.

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Rechargeable Battery

The prices range from PKR 150,000 to 300,000, concerning three different alternative additives, depending on capacity and brand, in addition to batteries of solar rechargeable polymer gel, VRLA, or liquid.

Cost Estimation

Generally  a 5 kW solar power system in Pakistan will be the cost in between the PKR 400,000 and PKR 700,000.

5kW Solar Energy System Prices in Pakistan

Benefits of a 5kW Solar Energy System Prices in Pakistan

Save Money

A 5kW solar system can decrease your electricity bills. By the generation your own power via 5KW Solar Power Generation system, you will depend less on the grid power and will save money over the time.

Help the Environment

Solar energy is clean and renewable. Using a solar system reduces your carbon footprint and helps the planet.

Reliable Power

With a solar Power Generation system, you will have a continuous and uninterrupted power source even during the power outage or during the Load Shedding. The attached solar deep cycle Batteries can store the extra energy generated by the solar panels in sunshine time, for the later use, this will make you the more independent.

Increase Property Value

Domestic and Commercial user with the solar systems often have the higher property values in the market. Buyers of the property see the solar installations as a good investment.

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Choosing the Right Solar Provider in Pakistan

When picking a solar provider, consider these points:

Reputation: Choose providers with good customer reviews and a strong history.

Quality of Parts: Make sure they offer high-quality panels, inverters, and other components.

After-Sales Service: Good after sales support is very important for the maintenance and help.

Warranty: Check the warranty on Tier 1 A grade Solar panels and Hybrid solar inverters. A longer warranty shows the strong confidence in their products.

Buying and installing a 5kW solar system in Pakistan is a wise choice for reducing the energy costs, having the energy independence, and a bit important that helping the environment. By understanding the solar system parts, the approx costs, and specially the benefits which you will have with the 5KW solar energy system, you can make a good and well informed decision and hopefully you will choose the best solar energy system and provider for your needs.

Today’s Price Of 5kW Solar System In Pakistan

A 5 kW solar system currently costs around Rs. Pls Get a Quote/-in Pakistan, which is incredibly low. The extremely low cost of solar energy makes it an even more attractive option for installations in both residential and commercial settings, therefore lowering the total expense needed to harness the renewable energy.

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