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QSP6 46-3 Borehole Water Pump


Unrivaled Quality for Efficient Groundwater Pumping

QSP6 46-3 Borehole Water Pump, At Qalseen Pump, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled solutions for efficient groundwater pumping.

Our QSP6 46-3 Borehole Water Pump, part of the regarded QSP6 Series of Submersible Borehole Pumps, remains as a confirmation to our commitment to excellence. QSP6 46-3 Borehole Water Pump is designed specifically for pumping groundwater, these submersible tubewell pumps redefine industry standards.

Manufactured from top-tier AISI 304 stainless steel, the QSP6 46-3 Borehole Water Pump is suitable for boreholes starting from 6 inches and above.


Cutting-Edge Features

Material Excellence

The QSP6 46-3 Borehole Water Pump boasts a construction material of AISI 304, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. This goes with it a dependable decision for an extensive variety of water siphoning applications, from homegrown water supply to modern cycles.

Versatile Specifications

Model: QSP6 46-3

Flow (L.P.M): 450-700-900-1150

Head (Meters): 34-29-23-11

Rp (in): 3″ – Optional 4″

Powerful Submersible Motor

Power (HP): 7.5

Power (KW): 5.5

Motor Dia (in): 4″ to 6″

Voltage: 380 VAC

Frequency: 50 Hz

Water Pumping Systems Applications (380 VAC – 50 Hz)

The QSP6 46-3 Borehole Water Pump finds its utility across various sectors, showcasing its adaptability and reliability:

Domestic and Industrial Water Supply: Providing a consistent and efficient water supply for both households and industries.

Industrial Cooling Process: Ensuring seamless cooling processes in industrial settings.

Fire Fighting Systems: A dependable pump for emergency situations.

Shower and Running Irrigation: Facilitating irrigation and maintaining optimal shower systems.

Agriculture and Sprinkler Systems: Supporting horticultural water siphoning activities with accuracy and proficiency.

Mining Industry, Drainage, and De-watering: Fundamental in mining cycles and water the executives.

High-Quality Products and Services

At Qalseen Pump, we take pride in offering the most energy-efficient pumps and motors, particularly in the agriculture and irrigation sector. Our QSP6, QSP8, QSP10 Series is a demonstration of our obligation to giving state of the art arrangements.

Comprehensive Support

From meticulous selection to flawless installation, Qalseen Pump goes beyond by offering 24/7 service and maintenance to farmers. We guarantee prompt delivery of products across Pakistan, reaching even the most remote areas.

Qalseen’s Warranty for Pump

All our products are backed by the Qalseen Warranty, providing our customers with confidence and assurance. Our ready stock of Submersible Pumps, Motors, and Agriculture Pumps guarantees an efficient process from delivery to after-sales service.

In the realm of groundwater pumping, the Qalseen Pump QSP6 46-3 Borehole Water Pump emerges as the epitome of quality and reliability. Its powerful development, flexible particulars, and various applications go with it the go-to decision for those looking for unrivaled execution. Trust in Qalseen Pump for an efficient and dependable water pumping solution that outperforms industry guidelines.

For the highest quality groundwater pumping solution, choose Qalseen Pump's QSP6 46-3 Borehole Water Pump. We promise and assure you, to make really good water pumps that work well for different uses.

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