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QSP6 17-6 Submersible Pump


Enhancing Water Supply Efficiency: QSP6 Series Submersible Pump

Unveiling the QSP6 17-6 Submersible Pump: Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

In the realm of water supply, tubewell pumping, agriculture, irrigation and industrial processes, the QSP6 17-6 Submersible Pump stands as a paragon of efficiency and durability. These submersible pumps are manufactured from stainless steel Material and their stainless steel material grade is (AISI 304), this remarkable apparatus not only exemplifies corrosion resistance but also ensures an extended lifecycle and optimal functionality.


QSP6 17-6 Submersible Pump

Stainless Steel Material Advantage

The QSP6 17-6 Submersible Pump construction from stainless steel underscores its commitment to longevity and robustness. This selection of Stainless-steel material grade (AISI 304), not only increase corrosion resistance but also safeguards against wear and tear, making it a reliable investment for various applications.

Compact Design, Hydraulic Efficiency, and NEMA Standards Adherence

What sets the QSP6 17-6 submersible pump apart is its trifecta of features: a compact design, hydraulic efficiency, and strict adherence to NEMA standards. The limited arrangement ensures reliable compromise into various water siphoning applications, while pressure driven productivity smoothes out its utilitarian limits. Sticking to NEMA guidelines ensures a practical activity with negligible entanglements, settling on it an optimal decision for enterprises, horticulture, and then some.

Motor HP5.5
Motor KW4
Frequency50 Hz
Min. Max Head (H)19-42-56-62
Max. Min Flow (Q) L.P.M450-350-250-150
Discharge Nozzle (in)2.5" Optional 3"

Technical Features at a Glance

Model: QSP6-17-6

Discharge Nozzle (DN): 2.5" / 3"

Power (KW): 4

Power (HP): 5.5

Voltage (V): 380 VAC

Versatile Applications

The QSP6 17-6 Submersible Pump caters to a spectrum of applications, including:

Pressurized water supply from borehole wells

Agricultural irrigation

Industrial processes

Pressurizing applications

Innovative Design for Enhanced Reliability

The inclusion of water-lubricated rubber bearings with a sand channel is a testament to the QSP6 series' commitment to reliability. This design ensures that sand particles leave the pump with pumped liquid (This pump is specially designed and produced for Clean Water Application), alleviating the risk of scraped spot and delaying the pump's operational life.

Stainless Steel Precision Engineering

Manufacturing stainless steel diffusers, impellers, suction case, and discharge case provides the QSP6 17-6 Submersible Pump with maximum strength, durability, and wear and tear resistance. The NPT and Metric threaded connections, following NEMA standards, further exemplify the meticulous engineering behind this top-tier submersible pump.

The QSP6 17-6 Submersible Pump arises as a foundation in water supply solutions, togethering accuracy engineering, durability, long operational life standard and compliance with water pump's industry standards. The stainless-steel material (AISI 304) of construction, compact design, and hydraulic efficiency make it a first choice for different applications. Elevate your water supply efficiency with the QSP6 Submersible Pump series – where reliability meets excellence.

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