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QPS8-95-10 Tubewell Pump


In the Matter of Modern Tubewell Pump technology and superior engineering, Soherwardia Solar Energy proudly presents the QPS8-95-9 Tubewell Pump, a true embodiment of excellence that dominates the opposition.

Designed and Engineered to perfection, this 8-inch stainless steel submersible pump stands on the height as a example to our strong and true commitment to design precision and top-notch manufacturing.


The High Quality Material of Construction

The heart of the QPS8-95-10 Tubewell Pump lies in its impeccable construction. Produced from a high quality food grade AISI-304 stainless steel body, this submersible pump/tube well pump is a signal/sign of strength against corrosion and abrasion. Our dedication to energy efficiency shines through in the unpredictably designed stainless steel (AISI 304) impellers and diffusers (Bowl), guaranteeing hydraulic efficiency that meet with the pumping industry standards.

Excellent Strength for Unwavering Performance

What sets Qalseen pumps apart is their exceptional strength, capable of enduring strong thrusts. Each unit goes through thorough quality control measures at every stage of manufacturing, guaranteeing a difficulty free help life. Our hard and steady efforts and efficient work under score our resolute commitment to reliability, durability and customer satisfaction (Customer’s satisfaction is our first priority), reflecting in the faithfulness of our pumps.

Motor HP60
Motor KW45
Frequency50 Hz
Head (H)58-109-125-157
Flow (Q) L.P.M2200-1800-1600-1100
Discharge Nozzle (in)5"

Technical Specifications (50 Hz): Surpassing the Zenith of Standards

The technical specifications of the QPS8-95-10 Tubewell Pump is according to the highest standards of pump industry, designed for deep wells or tube wells (DN250 mm and above). Meet with NEMA standards for motor connections, the delivery casing, equipped with a built-in return valve, boasts construction entirely fashioned from stainless steel AISI 304 sheet metal, ensuring durability and resistance to the harshest conditions.

Working impeccably inside a fluid temperature scope of 0°C to +45°C, Qalseen pump can bear a most extreme sand content of 50 g/m3. With a greatest beginning each hour of 20 at customary ranges and a clockwise heading of revolution, these siphons offer dependable execution in various circumstances.

Performance Metrics: Un-matched Power and Versatility

Flow Range: Up to a maximum of 123.8 M3/h

Head Range: Capable of reaching up to 423 meters

Recognizing that specific applications demand custom-made solutions, we offer special construction Material options, Such as stainless steel Material grade (AISI 316), this is upon your request, meeting to unique requirements. Additionally, our tubewell pumps are available in stainless steel AISI 316 material and can be equipped with NPT thread pipe connections for added versatility.

The QPS8-95-10 Tubewell Pump: Produced to meet Industry Standards

When in the matter of demanding applications requiring high-performance, durable, and reliable tubewell pumps, Qalseen Pumps stands as the exemplification of excellence. The QPS8-95-10 tubewell pump carefully created and engineered to meet with the pumping industry standards, guarantees superior performance and endurance.

Engaging Ventures Worldwide with Innovation and Quality

With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Qalseen submersible pumps empower enterprises and structures around the world, surpassing assumptions in pump technology and solutions. Our tubewell pumps are not just only the pump products; they are a example to our dedication to excellence, guaranteeing that your investment in the QPS8-95-10 Tubewell Pump is a step towards unmatched and unbeatable performance and reliability.

In a world where precision and durability matter, choose Qalseen Pumps - the driving force behind the success of enterprises globally.

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