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Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

Original price was: ₨ 22,600.Current price is: ₨ 22,035.

Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan, At Soherwardia Solar Energy, we are happy to introduce the newest era of solar technology, the Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan. With its UN beatable and excellent features and innovative and beautiful design, the Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan, sets a new standard for an excellent solar efficiency, Solar performance, and reliability.

Let’s, we dig deep into the core and best advantages of this cutting-edge product, here we will explain that how it outshines the competition and revolutionizes the solar energy industry.


Unraveling the Core Advantages

High-Efficiency Cells

At the heart of the Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan, lie its high-performance HPBC cells, boasting an impressive efficiency rating of over 25%. These longi's sun oriented cells tends to a major advancement in sun powered chargers advancement and modernization, which are engaging more fundamental energy change and further created power age limits.

Outstanding Performance

The Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan, is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, thanks to its comprehensive upgrade of HPBC cells and modules. By enhancing each part of its plan, from cell design to module arrangement, this sunlight based arrangement augments power age limit, guaranteeing ideal productivity even in testing ecological circumstances.

Module modelLR5-72HTH-565M
Maximum power (Pmax/W)565
Open-circuit voltage (Voc/V)51.76
Short circuit current (Isc/A)14.01
Peak power voltage (Vmp/V)
Peak power current (Imp/A)12.96
STC: Standard test conditions

Aesthetic Appearance

Gone are the times of unattractive soolar panels overwhelming roofs and landscapes. The Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan, Pioneer reclassifies the stylish idea of photovoltaic modules, offering a smooth and present day plan that flawlessly coordinates with any compositional style. With its excellent and elegant appearance, the solar solutions upgrades the visual allure of Residential solar, commercial solar, industrial solar, specially the solar net metering systems, and modern solar solutions, pursuing supportability makes them the ideal choice of solar installers, solar systems owners.

Market-Leading Reliability

Reliability is paramount in the solar industry, and the Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan, leads the pack with its pioneering adoption of full back welding technology. This imaginative methodology increment the longi PV module's assurance from little breaking, ensuring long stretch solidness and execution security. With superior dependability, clients can trust the Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan, to convey steady outcomes many years, increasing even maximising the return of their investment from their solar energy systems.

Advancing Solar Technology VIA Innovation

The Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan, addresses a huge jump forward in Modern Solar Technology, Touching the limits of effectiveness, execution, and unwavering quality. By saddling the force of high-proficiency cells, improving execution, rethinking style, and upgrading unwavering quality, this sun powered arrangement enables people, organizations, and networks to embrace spotless and reasonable energy with certainty.

Longi Solar Panel Hi Mo 6 Today’s Price

Today's Price in Pakistan: Longi Himo 6 565W solar panel price Starting from PKR 21,470 to Between Rs. 22,600 according to 38 to 40 Rupees Per Watt Longi solar Panels.

And the average Price of The Longi Himo6 565W Panel Price in Pakistan is Rs: 22,035 in Pakistan.

Pls Read This Before any Purchase other wise we will not responsible of your any kind of damage. Pls Contact Us to Get the Latest Price of The Products, Because these all the prices are estimated on a wide range. so pls don't mind and don't be hesitate to contact and get the best price for you on WhatsApp: 03075359344.

Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan

The Longi Greetings MO 6 Explorer remains as a model or benchmark to longi's obligation to development and manageability. With its undefeatable mix of high-proficiency cells, additional normal and fantastic exhibition, snappy allure, and market-driving dependability, this sunlight based arrangement addresses the eventual fate of spotless and environmentally friendly power energy.

Join us in fetching the power of the sun and ushering in a brighter and shinier, more sustainable tomorrow/future with the Longi Hi Mo6 565W Solar Panels Pakistan.

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