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Qalseen Pump QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump


Setting The Water Supply Standards with Unmatched Excellence

QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump , In the matter of submersible water pumps, Deep Well Submersible Pump, Tubewell Pump or and especially for Solar Tubewell Pumping systems,  Qalseen Pump stands as a pillar of precision and excellence. Qalseen Pump stands out as a significant player in the pumping industry, boasting a distinct and noteworthy position.

Qalseen Pump’s QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Submersible Pump from the prestigious of QSP6 Series submersible borehole pumps, is also an example to our commitment and development to meet the pumping industry’s standards in Pakistan or abroad.

Manufactured with careful attention to detail, QSP6 deep well submersible pump designed and produced, specifically and specially to the pumping of ground water (Deep Water), setting new benchmarks in reliability and efficiency.


Excellent and Un-beatable Performance Specifications of QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump

Pump Model: QSP6 60-5 

The QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump boasts an impressive flow capacity, ranging from 50000 to 65000 liters per hour, and a flow rate of 50 to 65 cubic meters per hour. This submersible pump specially engineered and designed for long life and trouble free pumping operation having the best food grade stainless steel material AISI 304, which ensure the long life and trouble free operational life to consumer.

Min. Max Pumping Head (Meters): 9 - 23

With a Minimum to Maximum head capacity (H), ranging from 09 to 23 meters, the QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump proves its efficacy in different pumping applications, ensuring a reliable and long life trouble free water supply even in harsh conditions too.

Motor HP15
Motor KW11
Frequency50 Hz
Min. Max Head (H)24-35-43-54
Max. Min Flow (Q) L.P.M1300-1150-1000-700
Discharge Nozzle (in)4" Optional 3"

Submersible Motor Requirements

The submersible motor of the QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump requires a power input of 5.5 HP (Horsepower), 4 KW (kilowatts), ensuring a fabulous and efficient operation. The submersible motor, with a diameter of 6" (In some cases motor’s diameter of 4” can be apply, this depends on availability) operates flawlessly at a voltage of 380 VAC (Volt Alternating Current) and a frequency of 50 Hz.

QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump Water Pumping Application (50 Hz)

The QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump is not only just a deep well submersible pump; it's a versatile and flexible pumping solution for a lot of water pumping applications, including:

Domestic and Industrial Water Supply: Ensuring a constant and reliable water source for both residential and industrial needs.

Industrial Cooling Processes: Ensuring/guaranteeing efficient cooling systems in different industrial settings.

Firefighting Systems: Providing a robust water supply for firefighting emergencies.

Shower and Running Irrigation: Meeting the demands of agricultural irrigation and everyday water usage.

Agriculture and Sprinkler Systems: Supporting agricultural practices with a consistent water source.

Mining Industry, Drainage, and De-watering: Addressing the unique water pumping requirements of the mining sector.

Quality Reclassified: The Qalseen Pump’s Commitment

At Qalseen Pump, our commitment expands beyond delivering a product; we provide excellence. The QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump ensures our commitment to offering high-quality and long life pumping solutions for the agriculture, irrigation, and specially for sprinkler system's sector.

The QSP6 series deep well submersible pumps, renowned for its energy efficiency (Especially designed to meet the requirements of Solar Pumping Systems), stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainable water solutions.

Comprehensive Support: From Product Availability to Warranty

Product Availability: We take pride in maintaining a ready stock of submersible pumps, motors, and agriculture pumps. This ensures availability all over the Pakistan, even in those remote areas, where the other does not reach, eliminating concerns about product availability.

Installation and Maintenance: Qalseen Pump goes the extra mile by offering 24/7 service and maintenance. Our support extends from pump selection to installation (If you can not select the exact model of QSP6 Deep Well Submersible pump from catalogue then please contact our experts via What's aap (given Below or send us an e mail) and post-sales assistance, guaranteeing a seamless experience for our customers.

Qalseen Warranty: All our products, including the SP60-3, are backed by the Qalseen Warranty, providing assurance and peace of mind. No flow constraints, just a continuous and reliable water supply for diverse needs.

Choose Qalseen Pump for Trouble free and long life Water Pumping Solutions

The Qalseen Pump’s QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump isn't just a pump product; it's an bright example of high quality and durability in the pumping industry in Pakistan. From its un-matched specifications available from small pump to large pump, to our relentless commitment to  Qalseen Pump’s customer satisfaction, we built the standards in water pumping industry.

When you choose Qalseen Pump, you're not just choosing a pump; you're choosing an unmatched water pumping solution. Hoist your water supply standards with the reliability and efficiency of the Qalseen Pump QSP6 60-5 Deep Well Pump.

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