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QPS8 77-1 Submersible Tubewell Pump


Elevate Your Water Supply with QPS8 77-1 Tubewell Pump

QPS8 77-1 Tubewell Pump, At Soherwardia Solar Energy, we take pride in introducing the pinnacle of submersible pump technology – the QPS8 77-1 Tubewell Pump. Manufactured with precision engineering and durability in mind, this 8-inch stainless steel tubewell Pump Model: QSP8 77-1 Tubewell Pump stands as a example of our commitment to innovation and quality with our customers and consumers all over the Pakistan.


Unmatched Design and Material Grade

The QPS8 77-1 Submersible Tubewell Pump is a game-changer in the field of water supply. Constructed with top-tier AISI 304 stainless steel, its material grade ensures corrosion resistance and longevity. The 5” discharge nozzle size of QSP8 77-1 Tubewell Pump, makes it a best choice for agriculture, irrigation, and commercial water supply from deep wells.

Hydraulic Efficiency for Optimal Performance

Designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the Pakistani Submersible pumping market, the QPS8 77-1Tubewell Pump  boasts a compact, reliable, and hydraulic design. The slim design not only ensures high overall efficiency but also reduce the energy (Usage of Electricity) consumption, driving to lower running costs for the tubewell pumping systems.

Technical Specifications

Let’s delve into the technical specifications of the QPS8 77-1 Tubewell Pump:

  • Flow Range: Max. up to 90 m3/hr
  • Head Range: Max. up to 17 M
  • Power: Max. 7.5 HP
  • Motor Connection: According to NEMA Standard
  • Discharge Nozzle: 5″ With Built-in NRV
  • Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304 Sheet Metal
  • Impeller: Mixed Flow Impeller

Application Versatility

The QPS8 77-1 Tubewell Pump is a versatile solution catering to the most demanding applications. Whether it's commercial water supply from deep wells, fire-fighting systems, agriculture water supply systems, or pressure boosting in high-rise buildings, this pump excels. The QSP8 77-1 Tubewell Pump is best suitable for the following water pumping applications, especially, industrial water supply, industrial cooling processes, shower and running irrigation, sprinkler systems, as well as the mining industry for drainage and de-watering.

High-Grade Construction for Longevity

Our commitment to durability is reflected in the high-quality fabricated stainless steel delivery casing, suction piece, impellers, and diffusers of the QPS8 77-1 tubewell pump. The High quality stainless steel components of QSP8 77-1 Submersible tubewell pump's, not only ensure corrosion and abrasion prevention but also contribute to the pump's energy efficiency, excellent performance, and compact design.

Operating Conditions

Operating seamlessly in a range of conditions, the QPS8 77-1 Tubewell Pump exhibits remarkable adaptability:

  • Liquid Temperature: 0 Celsius to +45 Celsius
  • Max. Sand Content of the Water: 50 g/m3
  • Max. Starts per Hour: 19
  • Direction of Rotation: Clockwise as seen from the pump coupling side.

Choose High Quality QSP8 77 -1 Tubewell Pump

Soherwardia Solar Energy stands at the forefront of delivering high quality tubewell pump technology, and the QPS8 77-1 Tubewell Pump is a an example of our dedication to quality. To explore the latest prices or design your complete pumping system, contact us through WhatsApp or email. Our free tubewell pumping system's design services ensure that you get the best out of your water supply solution.

Elevate your water supply experience with the QPS8 77-1 Tubewell Pump – where innovation meets reliability.

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