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Growatt Inverter Price in Pakistan

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Growatt Inverter Prices in Pakistan

According as Of Today’s Price: Growatt Inverter Price is starting from Rs. 230,000 with an average cost of Rs. 350,000. Check out the latest June 2024 prices for Growatt Inverters.

The highest price of Growatt Solar Inverters in Pakistan reaches Rs. 2,300,000, with an estimated average rate of Rs. 2,200,000. offers the Best Prices online With an Discounted Quote Rate For You.

Product Name Price (Rs.)
Growatt 5kW Solar Inverter 230,000/-
Growatt 6kW Solar Inverter 245,000/-
Growatt 10kW Solar Inverter 260,000/-
Growatt 15kW Solar Inverter 350,000/-
Growatt 20kW Solar Inverter 410,000/-
Growatt 25kW Solar Inverter 470,000/-
Growatt 30kW Solar Inverter 595,000/-
Growatt 40kW Solar Inverter 675,000/-
Growatt 50kW Solar Inverter 835,000/-
Growatt 60kW Solar Inverter 925,000/-
Growatt 80kW Solar Inverter 1,195,000/-
Growatt 100kW Solar Inverter 1,350,000/-
Growatt 125kW Solar Inverter 1,650,000/-
Growatt 253kW Solar Inverter 2,300,000/-
Growatt 5kW Hybrid Inverter 295,000/-

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